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BuckShelby's Produce

Garden Vegetables

If interested in Shelby's produce please contact us with your order. Please pay attention to the availability of the produce as some produce may not be available. Also, all orders are on a first come first serve basis.

Vegetables Varieties Availability
Peas Snow - Avalanche
Snap - Sugar Plum
Shell - Maestro Easy Peasy
Late May - Early June
Rhubarb   May - August
Kale   May - Fall
Lettuce Easy Serve - Romaine
Burpee Bibb
Green Ice - Leaf
Late May - Early June
Cauliflower Snow Crown Late May - Early June
Cabbage Golden Acre/Stonehead Late May - Mid June
Onions Red Hamburger
Snow White
Candy (Yellow) Sweet
Late May - Late June
Swiss Chard Lucullus
April - Freeze
Beets Detroit June
Carrots Tendersweet  
Radish German Giant Parat Early May
Potatoes Kennebee
Yukon Gold
Red Pontiac
Mid June - Mid July
Garlic White August
Green Beans Derby (Snap)
Trofec (Slender)
Pickin & Grinnin (Long Snap)
Jade (Snap)
Mid July - Frost
Lima Beans Baby Thorogreen Late July - Frost
Corn Early Northern Bi-Color
Silver Queen (White)
Gotta Have It (Bi-Color)

Mid July
Mid July - Late July
Late July - Late September

Cucumbers Burpless II (Pickler)
Sweet Success (Slicer)
Iznik (Gourmet Cocktail)
July - August
Eggplant Twilight Late July
Okra Clemson Spineless Mid July - Frost
Peppers Double Delight (Red/Yellow Bell)
Primo Jalopeno
Mulato Isteno Poblano
Late July - Frost
Sweet Potatoes   Late September - Mid October
Squash Early Prolific Straightneck Yellow
Zephyr Hybrid Yellow
Golden Egg Yellow Zucchini
Table Queen Acorn
Mid July to Early September

Late August - Late September
Tomatoes Slicing (Delicious, Celebrity, Big Daddy Super Tasty, BrandyBoy, Bustisteak)
Paste (Big Mama)
Grape (Sweet Ions)
Mid July - Late September
Apples Sundance
Pixie Crunch
Mid - Late October
September - Late August


Late August - ?
Cantelope Gurney's Giant
Lil Sweet
Late July - Mid August




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